The Comanchero Motorcycle Club was established on 15th April, 1966 in the Central Coast of New South Whales. The Club was formed by the first five members which all had a common interest: Brotherhood, Respect and Loyalty...

Comanchero M.C from the beginning adopted to run the club in a Disciplined Paramilitary Structure and within 5 years expanded in to Sydney and throughout New South Whales.

The Club had a strict Non Association Policy with any other 1% Motorcycle Club and for that the Comanchero M.C was renowned for its notoriety of being the "Infamous Comancheros"

During the early 1970's The club developed into a Brotherhood of COMOS that just wanted to have fun with their Brothers and Ride free on their motorcycle but The Club soon caused nervousness among the local police as they never understood the lifestyle The Club chose to live.

The Club attracted Ex Australian Soldiers as one of the Founding Members and long standing President William "Jock" Ross was an Ex Scottish Soldier in the Vietnam War. They used a strict code of silence, honour and camaraderie and that's what gave The Club motto today "One In All In"..

During the 1980's The Club began to develop a certain cognizance amongst the public. They were known as a Brotherhood that lived and loved the Australian Culture. Despite many of The Clubs tragic events that took place, nothing could divide the Brothers In Arms...

The Infamous Black And Gold colours and Condor patch was voted in by the Members to stand out from the rest of the M.C's. In the late 1960's most of the M.C's used the American Eagle as a patch, The Comanchero M.C chose the Condor as it is the rarest and largest bird of prey, which represented solidarity and strength of the Club. The Red Wheel behind the Condor represents the front motorcycle wheel which represents the Comanchero M.C as a motorcycle club not a street gang.

The Comanchero name was taken from The Comanchero people that were living a nomadic life on the lands of New Mexico and West Texas in the 1700's. They were people that lived free as outlaws and were out casted by normal society.

Starting with the First Five Members in 1966, The Comanchero M.C is a now a Global Empire with chapters Across Australia, Europe, Russia and the USA with the same core values it started with : BROTHERHOOD, RESPECT AND LOYALTY.